Thursday, August 04, 2011

Not Just For Thanksgiving - Turkey

In lieu of a post about local food today, I'm sharing a link to a half-hour video I just posted to Vimeo of our trip last fall to Paris, Istanbul, and various sites around Turkey. It being me on the trip, there are plenty of yummy food shots. Anthony Bourdain's favorite purveyor of durum (think Turkish burrito) hole in the wall (if you look closely, there's a photo of him with the owner in behind the picture of Sa and me dining on the sidewalk). There's an array of Turkish mezes. There's a lovely fresh fish sandwich, served from a rocking boat on the Mediterranean. There's a breast of canard confit at a Paris brasserie. And that's a crepe that Sa's chowing down on in front of the Moulin Rouge. All you food crazies should know: Turkish food is utterly awesome.

Do expand to full screen if you wish. It's uploaded in splendid 1080p HD video. Hope you enjoy!

Jess and Sa Winfield in France, Istanbul, and Cappadocia from Jess Winfield on Vimeo.